The girls are REALLY excited this morning!  It could be because we are going to see this man:

My dad is by far Skylar’s favorite person in the whole world.  He even trumps Daddy!

It could also be because of this woman:

Hailey said she can’t wait for Grandma’s scrambled eggs and fried potatoes.  She’s certain that Grandma is the 2nd best cook in the world.  MeMe is the 1st and of course taught Grandma everything she knows.

It could be because they know they are going to see these kids:

And these:

It could also be because Hailey knows she is going to get a hug from this lady:

These two have a sweet bond that makes my heart smile!

I’m excited:

to have a few days with my mom and dad

to see my friends

to see the balloons

to worship at Sagebrush tomorrow morning

and to see my favorite mountain!

What are you excited about?

Have a great weekend!


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