Amusing Me!

I love this picture of  Skylar with a therapeutic pony from the Horses with H.E.A.R.T. program in Prescott.  I love that it is a cute picture, but I really love the story that you can not see in the picture.  Skylar was so excited to see this pony and while I was snapping a few pictures I overheard her talking to it.  She told the pony how cute he was and how she really loved his hat.  She told him that she couldn’t believe she was taller than him.  I love that she told him “I’d love to ride you, but I’m afraid I might hurt you because I’ve really grown.”

Last Friday I read a blog post by Ellen at Love That Max.  She shared some of the things that her kids have been doing lately that have been funny.  She also encouraged her readers to write their own posts and share what their kids have been doing that are funny.  Skylar’s conversation with the horse a couple weeks ago made me smile, but here are a few additional things that Skylar has said and done that have amused me the last few weeks:

-Skylar has been wanting to sit in the front seat of the van SO bad.  Although she is technically big enough to ride in the front passenger seat I’ve still had her sit in the back.  Yesterday she got her chance as we had additional kids in the van with us and I needed her to sit in the front.  While driving around town, she smiled a  huge smile and remarked “This is the life!”

-I love how every day for the past week Skylar has said “This is the best day of my life!” (I think we should all approach each day with this enthusiasm!)

-We had quite a bit of rain this past week and Skylar can not stand to have any rain on the windshield while we are driving.  Apparently my wipers were not set on the speed she thought they should be a few days ago and she said “Mom…you really need to set your wipers free and let them go faster!”  I had no idea I was inhibiting my windshield wipers! (I love to hear how Skylar explains things that she is thinking!)

Hailey is constantly making me laugh.  She is definitely super silly!  Here are a few of her antics from the past 2 weeks:

-I heard her answer the phone when my mom called yesterday while I was in the shower.  She said “Grandma, now is just not a really good time to talk.  We are doing the whole ‘shower thing’ and getting ready for church.  We will have to call you back at a better time.”

-Hailey and her 2 buddies spent the entire day together yesterday.  I must have heard them laugh a thousand times as they were trying to find each others “pressure points”.

-Being the die hard University of Arizona Wildcat fans that we are, I love that Hailey has picked up our fun “smack talk” against anything dealing with ASU.  She makes comments to anyone wearing ASU apparel.  Luckily she hasn’t offended anyone yet. (We think!)

-I love that Hailey likes to text me from her i-pod touch from inside the house.  I usually hear the chime of my phone followed by a little giggle from another room.  It is so funny to see her laugh at herself and her silly antics.

These are just a few of the things that have made me laugh the past few weeks.  What has made you laugh?

I also share our funny stories from the past that have left us laughing and red-faced.  It is a series called No Filter Fridays. You can read those stories here.  Enjoy!

 Have a fantastic week!


6 thoughts on “Amusing Me!

  1. OK, your kids are a hoot!

    I just love the way Skylar phrases things. That little lady has a lot going on upstairs!

    And, the conversation between Hailey and your mom? Priceless!

    Even when I am crazy busy, I love taking just a couple minutes to read your posts. They make me smile and help me to remember that life does not have to be serious, that every moment counts, and that a quick break when one is very busy can be good for productivity. So, thanks for sharing!

    Have a great day,


  2. I love the blog today! You totally capture your kids’ personalities in the stories that you share. Thanks for sharing them with us and keep them coming! I love reading them! And please, set those wipers free!

  3. They are SO entertaining!!! And I just had to smile at Skylar’s “This is the life!” comment. If only we could all take pleasure in little stuff like that.

    Meanwhile, yes, love the idea of approaching every day as if it were the best day of your life. I think I am going to write that out on a Post-it and stick it to my computer: Today is the best day of my life!

    • Thanks Ellen! My girls have taught me so much about savoring every moment in life. I need to wake up each morning with the thought “Today is going to be a GREAT day!”

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