My Life List

I have always kept a list of things that I want to do in this life and I am happy when I get to check one of those items off.  My sister, Jenny, made a huge life list and has really focused on living life since she survived breast cancer years ago. You can read her story here and you can see her life list here!  We talk about our lists often and many of our list items are similar as there are certain things that we would like to do together.  I wasn’t all that surprised when Jenny called me last week and said that she was creating a community on her blog where people could link up their lists.  So today I’m going to share my list with you.  I encourage you to write your own list and link up on Jenny’s blog here.

My list has changed over the years.  Some of the things I once had on my list are no longer there.  A lot of my dreams and desires shifted when Skylar was diagnosed with autism.  Not all of them, but many of them.  Some of those things just didn’t seem important anymore.  So without further ado, I give you my list.


Run a 5K

Run a 10K

Run a 1/2 marathon

Run a full marathon

Run in the Marine Corps Marathon and the Disney Marathon

Complete a sprint triathlon

Complete the Tour de Tucson (bike race)

Hike to the top of Squaw Peak

Hike the Grand Canyon

Ski a Black Diamond slope

Learn to snowboard

Learn to surf

Get an adaptive bike for Skylar so we can go on bike rides together (in progress)


Visit the Holy Land

Visit Mt. Rushmore (completed 7/2009)

Visit the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial (completed 7/2009)

Watch a baseball game in every Major League park (in progress)

Travel the country in an RV visiting amusement parks so Skylar can ride the roller coasters

Kiss Chris at the top of the Eiffel Tower

Visit London and say “Look kids!  Big Ben, Parliament!”

Go on the Pride and Prejudice tour.

Visit Greece with my parents to see where they met and fell in love

Photograph wild kangaroos in Australia

Climb to the top of Machu Picchu

Go to Rio and see the Christ the Redeemer statue

Take Chris to Cafe du Monde in New Orleans for beignets

Take an Alaskan cruise with Chris

Visit Rome

Heck, I want to travel all over Europe!

Ride in a gondola in Venice

Walk along the Great Wall of China

Take a picture in front of the Kremlin

See the tulips in Holland

Spend the night in Cinderella’s castle at Disney World

Watch University of Arizona win the NCAA Basketball championship

See where Sound of Music was filmed

See New York City at Christmas


Read the Bible (in progress)

Read all the Harry Potter novels

Have a Harry Potter movie marathon with Skylar

Be an extra in an Alex Kendrick movie (Facing the Giants, Courageous, Fireproof, etc.)


Learn Spanish


Learn to play the cello

Learn to play the guitar

Learn to make movies in iMovie

Learn more about Photoshop elements

Take mixed media art classes

Take a pottery class

Re-finish and paint my old piano

Document our everyday life with Project Life (in progress)

Learn everything I can about horses


Start a non-profit foundation

Open a ranch for individuals with special needs

Add to our family through adoption

Be debt-free (in progress)

See Skylar sing on-stage with Josh Groban

See both of my girls baptized! (Hailey was baptized in 2010)

This is what I have so far!  I will be making a separate page for this list, just like my About me page.  I can’t encourage you enough to write your dreams down, no matter how big or small they might be.  I think there is tremendous power in speaking or writing your dreams and goals down.  Don’t forget to link up on Jenny’s blog!

Have a fantastic week!

Make it great!


Right Now (4/28/2012)

Right now…I am enjoying a peace-filled, beautiful morning!

Right now…I’m wondering how much work the Honda dealership is going to tell us our van needs when we take it in this morning.

Right now…I’m thankful that our tax refund finally came in to pay for said work on the van!

Right now…I’m gearing up for major de-cluttering & spring cleaning!  Actually very excited about this!

Right now…I’m working on a couple of different blog posts for next week.

Right now…I’m thinking about various items I’d like to add to my “Life List” thanks to the encouragement of my sister.

Right now…I’m feeling grateful for an alternative schooling option for the girls next year.  The possibilities are exciting!

Right now…I’m listening to this song, by Justin Unger, our music minister at church.  He is phenomenal!

Right now…I’m letting go of my worries about the future and letting God have all of those worries and insecurities.  There is extreme peace in knowing that He is in complete control!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Make it great!