Right Now (4/28/2012)

Right now…I am enjoying a peace-filled, beautiful morning!

Right now…I’m wondering how much work the Honda dealership is going to tell us our van needs when we take it in this morning.

Right now…I’m thankful that our tax refund finally came in to pay for said work on the van!

Right now…I’m gearing up for major de-cluttering & spring cleaning!  Actually very excited about this!

Right now…I’m working on a couple of different blog posts for next week.

Right now…I’m thinking about various items I’d like to add to my “Life List” thanks to the encouragement of my sister.

Right now…I’m feeling grateful for an alternative schooling option for the girls next year.  The possibilities are exciting!

Right now…I’m listening to this song, by Justin Unger, our music minister at church.  He is phenomenal!

Right now…I’m letting go of my worries about the future and letting God have all of those worries and insecurities.  There is extreme peace in knowing that He is in complete control!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Make it great!


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