Gracie Goes to Disneyland: The Adventures of Our Elf on the Shelf!

A few weeks before our family left for Disneyland, I asked Chris “How funny would it be if Gracie made the trip to Disneyland with us?” to which he replied “Let’s do it!”.  I’m so thankful for a husband who is game for my silly antics!

Gracie was packed & ready to go the morning we left!


She sat up front with us.  The funny thing is, Chris and I drove by ourselves as the girls rode with my parents.


Finally to the state line!


They didn’t look too scary so I picked these two up!  What do you think the chances were that a bus-load of prisoners would pass us as we were taking this picture? Yep….totally happened!  


Raring & ready to go the first morning!


Checking out the crowd while hanging out on Aunt Jenny’s shoulder.


Happy to be safe & sound with Chris!


The obligatory photo op by the tree!


Gracie had no idea that Space Mountain would be as fast as it was!


It’s a Small World was definitely more her speed!  She was thrilled to see the North Pole! She rode the whole ride on Grandpa’s shoulder…he’s such a good sport!


The Jingle Cruise was another favorite!


Ready for our character breakfast on Christmas morning!


She loved the attention from Rafiki!


And thought Alice was definitely beautiful!


Her favorite ride of all was definitely California Screamin’! She was happy to be sitting next to Skylar! (Sorry for the picture of a picture!)


All in all it was an amazing vacation for Gracie!  She is hoping for a family Christmas cruise next year!  We sent her back to the North Pole with the message to Santa to help make that happen!

I hope you enjoyed Gracie’s adventure to Disneyland!

Make it a great week!


*We clearly do not follow the “don’t touch the elf or she’ll lose her power” rule!  We were more than happy to include everyone in on the fun with Gracie!




























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