Looking Forward To Learning!


Happy New Year friends!  I’m excited for all the possibilities that 2013 holds!  I must admit that I’m happy to close the door on 2012, and move forward into 2013.

As I sat trying to think up goals for 2013 and a word to focus on, the word GRATEFUL kept coming to mind.  I wanted to focus on being grateful and giving thanks in each and every situation of my life (good & bad).  So last week I settled on the word grateful!  Just when I thought I was all set the word LEARN kept popping up in my everyday life and in my mind constantly.  Learn is such a powerful word! It truly encompasses everything I want to accomplish, not only in 2013, but for the rest of my life.

When I first thought about what I wanted to learn this year, many things jumped out at me. I do want to learn a lot of different skills and crafs, but I also want to learn things that can’t necessarily me measured, photographed, or physically touched.

So this year I want to LEARN:

-how to knit

-how to play the cello

-how to be more grateful for my everyday life

-how to give grace, even when I don’t want to give it

-more about my community

-how to be more patient with my girls

-how to find balance in my life

And most importantly….

-I want to learn how to fully trust God with EVERY aspect of my life!  I want to learn to let go of my insecurities and doubts and trust that God is in control and remember that He has NEVER let me down!

Here is to a great year of LEARNING!!

Make it great!


“.. I am a student of life, and don’t want to miss any experience. There’s poetry in this sort of thing, you know–or perhaps you don’t know, but it’s all the same.”

― H.P. LovecraftThe Complete Short Stories of H.G. Wells