Sing Your Song

This morning I visited Skylar’s choir class at the middle school.  She has been having some difficulties and the choir teacher asked if I might come sit in on a class.  The choir teacher is an absolutely lovely woman who I believe truly cares about Skylar and her success at school.  I was happy to go and observe Skylar and help determine where she is struggling so that I know how to best help both the teacher & Skylar.  One of the issues is that many of the kids in the choir do not understand Skylar.  They are not aware of her autism and all that it encompasses (impulsivity issues, stimming, & lack of filter).  Because of this, several of the students give her a really hard time.  The teacher & counselor have been wonderful in not tolerating this behavior, but I’m trying to teach Skylar how to talk to the other students and be a productive member of the group.  Skylar absolutely loves to sing & recently she’s been adamant about not participating in choir next year.  This makes me sad as she has a beautiful voice & you can see the absolute joy on her face as she sings.

As I sat watching her I was really happy that most of the issues, to me, seem to be relatively easy fixes.  For example, she stands right on the edge of the riser and because she is extremely fidgety, she tends to kick the girl in front of her.  Of course the girl gets upset and frustrated and I understand her frustration.  This is something that the teacher didn’t see because she is behind the piano.  After class I was able to get on the risers with her and show her that she needs to look down & make sure she stands in the middle of the riser and not the edge to where her feet hang off.  Now the teacher knows to remind of Skylar of this, as will I each morning on the way to school.

I really enjoyed sitting and listening to this group of kids sing.  Their warm-ups were fun and brought a smile to my face.  The first song they sang was really cute and the kids were bouncing up and down as they sang.  The teacher then transitioned to the next song and as I sat and listened I was overcome with emotion.  The words were absolutely beautiful.  The song is called Sing Your Song and was written by a gentleman named Greg Gilpin.  Here is a bit of the song:

No matter what the melody, sing your song.

High or low in harmony, sing your song.

From the heart, yes, your’s & mine, sing your song.

Words of peace in joyful rhyme, sing your song.

Traveling down this road of life, alone or with a friend,

I shall sing this song of mine until the very end.

Each of us so different, yet the same within our hearts.

Sharing our own music & who we really are.

Just when I thought I had made it through the song without crying, the song ended with these simple, but powerful words:

Sing your song your whole life long! Sing your song!

I’m so thankful for a man who penned such beautiful words. All of us are a part of life’s song.  We all sing different parts and when we put them all together it makes a beautiful arrangement. I will never stop encouraging Skylar to “sing her song”.  I’m thankful for the part that she, and each individual with special needs, adds to the song.  Without them, it wouldn’t sound as sweet!

Blessings my friends!

Make it a great one!


*I’m so thankful for a man who penned such beautiful words.  I purchased the mp3 of this song and Skylar is thrilled!  You can purchase it here!