Lately…this is what I have looked like.  Workout clothes, a hat, & no make-up. Focusing on a healthier lifestyle, growing my hair out, & not wanting to fuss with make-up.


Lately…I’ve been freezer cooking.  I’m trying to reduce the stress of the “what’s for dinner?” worry each night.


Lately…I’ve been enjoying weekly trips to the library with Skylar.  There is just something about being surrounded by all those books that brings us joy!


Lately…I’ve been dreaming about selling most of our belongings, buying an RV, and travelling.  Totally not kidding!  It’s definitely on my bucket list! (This is the RV that Skylar thinks we should get.)

What have you been doing lately?

Make it great!


3 thoughts on “Lately

  1. I can totally relate to not wearing makeup! I have been doing the same thing and I feel so free just letting my skin breath. I have been going without eye makeup, too!

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