What I Know For Sure


-I am a child of God

-Jesus is real

-my family is precious

-my husband is one of the most loving people to walk this earth

-my girls are amazing and unique human beings that have so much to offer this world

-Skylar gives great hugs

-Hailey gives more compliments than anyone I’ve ever met (except for maybe my nephew, Ben)

-I have learned more by being a parent of a child with special needs than I EVER learned in college

-I understood my parents and some of their choices so much more when I became a parent

-I love to SnapChat with my niece, Rebecca

-hearing my nieces & nephew yell “JuJu’s here” is awesome

-a solid marriage takes work

-my dad always encourages me

-my mom is always good for a laugh when she is telling a story

-I need to have time out of the house with just my husband every week

-I am a fiercely loyal friend

-I am a better wife & mom if I have a regular girl’s night out

-I find great joy in documenting our family’s story

-Sonic has the best ice

-cheese crackers have an addictive ingredient that make it impossible to eat just a few

-sugar is my biggest downfall

-I do better during the week when I meal-plan

-exercising always makes me feel better

-reading a good book is one of the greatest escapes there is

-honesty is always the best policy

-crossing items off my to-do list brings joy to my soul

-giving grace to people can often be difficult, but I never regret it

-life isn’t always a bed of roses, but I am blessed for sure!

Make it great!


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