Links I Loved This Week


I love to share great articles, stories, and visuals that I find online.  I often share the links through my Facebook account,  but then I realized that many of my readers don’t use Facebook and I also don’t want to bombard my personal feed with links.  It is my hope to share some of these great links I find through the week with you on Saturdays.  Some of the links are funny, some are thought-provoking, but all of them are things I saw this week that I loved.  So without further ado, here are some links that I loved this week.

When You are Broken:  The Now-Traumatic Disorder of Everyday Life :: A Holy Experience

40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World :: Twisted Sifter

Impressionist Sings ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ as 19 Divas :: Gawker

On Releasing Perfection ::  Simple Homeschool

Could You Buy a Toy for the Least of These? ::  Chubby Baby Designs (This is a sweet friend of mine from Ohio.  I love her passion for orphans & adoption!)

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Make it great!


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