Dear Ann Coulter

Dear Ann Coulter,

I’ve long thought that even though we, as Americans, are politically divided, that underneath it all, we are all still human beings.  Human beings that want what is best for this country. Human beings that care for others. Well, that thought ended last night!  I can’t even begin to put into words my utter disappointment when you took to Twitter and called the president a “retard”.  Really?

When you use that word,  you hurt thousands of individuals with disabilities.  One of those individuals is my sweet daughter.  We were told over 10 years ago that she had “mental retardation”.  These past 10 years she has taught us more than we could ever teach her.  She has taught us patience, joy, encouragement, forgiveness, hope, acceptance, and unconditional love.

Ann, our daughter is NOT a joke!  She is more than you could ever aspire to be! Open your eyes and your heart.  And for the love of all that’s holy, please think BEFORE  you open your mouth or pull out your smart phone.  Think of our sweet girl and know that you hurt her, and all those like her, with your insensitive and hateful words!

Ann, meet Skylar!  You could learn a LOT from her!


JuJu ( A mother who will stop at nothing to protect her children!)

8 thoughts on “Dear Ann Coulter

  1. Well said, bravo! We posted something about that on our own blog. Actually it was a reblog of another post with some of our own thoughts added.

    Please continue to speak out against the r word and let’s hit people who use their status and fame to spread hate, where it hurts! Let’s hit her in the wallet! Let us stand up and let the country know this crap will not go unnoticed and unchallenged!

  2. I am sorry that this all happened and that Ann couldn’t have chosen a better choice of words. Your daughter is beautiful and you know that. And best of all, Skylar knows that, because of your selfless devotion and love!

    What boggles my mind is that Ann would be vehemently up in arms if someone had called her candidate that name, yet it’s ok for her to do?? No, of course it’s not. A great reminder that we all need to STOP and THINK before we talk.

    Loved your thoughtfulness and lack of fear in writing this! You’re right – we are mothers who will stop at nothing to protect our kids! Love you, friend!!

  3. It is unfortunate that Ann Coulter is a hate-mongering, ruthless, and cold-to-the-bone bitch who could care less about what civilized Americans think about her, much less about what parents of special needs children think about her. She has no conscience, and therefore no empathy nor remorse. In essence she has no soul. She will not be moved by any open letters by Holly Robinson Peete, nor receive any sponsor-based backlash for her Tweet. She will die a lonely, bitter woman and that’s okay with me.

  4. Just realized that the post on the link-up is a different one, so I’ll comment here too! I love seeing all the photos of our perfect, beautiful, intelligent kids.

  5. beyondautismawareness: I respectfully disagree with your claim that she will not have any backlash. That does not HAVE TO BE the case! If enough people are angry about it and take to social media to push back, and make calls to any radio stations, tv stations, companies that are her sponsors/supporters, and call bookstores where her books are sold, and protest outside of places where she signs books, then we CAN be a source of major backlash! Social media was a huge reason for Rush Limbaugh losing sponsors when he called Sandra Fluke a whore because she was pro-contraceptive. so it CAN happen. Enough people need to get angry and active. This particular incident has nothing to do with politics really (well as far as Democrat versus Republican goes) this have EVERYTHING to do with basic decency! So, you can get people involved who would never ever have any reason to pay Ann Coulter any attention, because this isn’t political.

    Let’s do this!


    • TheNon Verbals: We wrote about how we felt about Ann Coulter’s inappropriate name calling and we are asking and encouraging all IT2’s (Intelligent Thinkers X 2) all around the world to stand up & speak up with us. Our strength is in each of us and we are stronger as we unite together and allow our voices to be heard. We do not have to hide in the shadows any longer. IT2’s have great creativity and undiscovered talents to be given to this world. Everyday we are hearing about the accomplishments of someone with special needs. Please read our comments, share with your friends & families and again we encourage you to speak up & out. We are Nonverbal, but we will be heard. Sending you all of Christ Jesus love and ours,
      I am Deer Jon & IT2’s.

  6. Skylar is Beautiful. Ms. Coulter’s inappropriate name calling has created a great opportunity to educate on Special Needs awareness. We are encouraging all IT2’s (intelligent Thinkers X 2) like Skylar and ourselves to unite, standup and continue to speak out.
    Sending you all of Christ Jesus love and our,
    I am Deer Jon & IT2’s

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