This Summer

Hey friends!  It’s been quite a while since I posted.  It’s been a crazy, busy summer. There has been good & bad, happy & sad! (Ok, so who is singing now that I just wrote that string of words? I know I am!)

I wanted to share some of our summer with you all.  Just going to warn you up front that this will be extremely picture heavy. So here we go!

This summer we went on our annual trip to Chicago to see Dr. Usman.

This summer we got Skylar’s adaptive bike!

This summer we were devastated by the loss of our dear friend Buddy Hopkins! Chris was honored to be a pall bearer at his funeral.  Such a wonderful husband, father, son, brother, friend!!

This summer we traveled to Albuquerque to visit my folks at the end of June.  We were thrilled to see friends and spend lots of time in grandma and grandpa’s pool!

This summer we drove down to Phoenix for therapy each Friday.  Our favorite part was having lunch with the cousins afterwards. And sometimes stopping to get a candy treat!

This summer we sent daddy off to field training for 2 months!  We cherish the opportunities we get to FaceTime with him! Gotta love technology! We are ready for him to be home….not long now!

This summer we enjoyed being outside in the beautiful northern Arizona weather!  Blue skies, beautiful mountains, and cool breezes!

This summer the girls and I took a second trip to Albuquerque with my 3 nieces to visit my folks.  We spent hours swimming, watching the Olympics, and eating ice cream up at grandma’s bar.

This summer the kids learned how to vacuum grandpa’s pool!

This summer the girls made me laugh…..A LOT!

This summer officially comes to a close tonight as we start back to school tomorrow morning.  However…..I am going to try and hold on to summer for just a bit longer!

I hope you all had a nice summer!  Looking forward to being back here more regularly now that we will be getting back to our normal routine!

Make it great!


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