A Bit Of Exercise!

I know, I know!  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a No Filter Friday!  For those of you who are new to my blog, this is the time that I love to share things that the girls have said or done that have left us red-faced, laughing, and sometimes speechless.  I have mainly shared stories of Skylar and her lack of filter here on my blog, although Hailey also lacks a filter, just to a lesser degree. In many ways it is refreshing how brutally honest the girls are, but it can be embarrassing. This is by far my favorite thing about having 2 girls on the autism spectrum.  The “lack of filter” is hilarious!  If you are new to my blog or missed previous posts, you can click here for a complete list of No Filter Friday stories.

Yesterday, we took Hailey to her gymnastics class at the Y.  We sit in this little room off to the side so that I can see Hailey and so that Skylar can see the TV.  Picture a room the size of my kitchen with about 8 adults and 15 kids in it.  That will give you an idea about how packed in there we were.

Skylar sat with a bunch of little kids most of the time watching Toy Story 2.  Not long before gymnastics was over she got up and walked over to the area in front of me that houses multiple recumbent bikes.  What a great idea to have excercise equipment so that we can workout while our kids do!  Now just to actually get on the bike instead of sit behind it, but I digress!

Skylar looked at the bike and said to me “Mom, I’m going to do a bit of excercise!”.  I responded with “That’s great honey!  Way to go!”

After a few minutes of pedaling she let out a large sigh and exclaimed very loudly:


I just burst out laughing and said “Your biscuits are burning? What are your biscuits?”

Skylar gave me the look that only she can give.  The look that blatantly screams You don’t have a clue!  She then said:  Mom, you know what I’m talking about!  My bum, my bottom, my behind, my butt!  You know….MY BISCUITS!

Thank you Skylar for the lesson on all the things we can call our bum!

Gotta love this girl!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Make it great!


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