Sharing Our Story In 5 Photos & A Friday Morning Funny!

I am participating in a photography link-up today over at Learn With Jenny.  The Challenge is to share 5 photos that help tell our story.  What might this have to do with autism, you ask?  Well, to be honest, I love that by sharing these photos I can show you that while some days are hard, emotional, and crazy busy with doctor’s appointments and therapy, we still lead a rather extraordinary life filled with joy, humor, and beauty.

The challenge is to encourage us to share our stories. Plain and simple!

So here are my pictures:


Every morning after Skylar finishes showering, getting dressed, and eating, she takes her medicine.  It’s a lot of pills, but she NEVER complains.  The mixture of seizure medication and various supplements have helped to keep her healthy and seizure-free.  I love that she groups them in a specific order to take.


Even though it is totally messy right now, my craft room is totally my happy place.  I love to get my hands messy and be creative in this area.  I especially love to create in this space with my friends.  It doesn’t get any happier than that folks!


I must say that I was pretty embarassed to snap a picture of the inside of my bag.  I am definitely someone who likes to carry a larger purse.  My mother-in-law made me this lovely bag and it holds a lot, as you can clearly see!  A few of those items include my instax mini7s polaroid camera, my wallet (that is bursting at the seams), a word search for Skylar, my Kindle, and snacks for the kids.


My husband Chris is constantly making me smile!  This picture is from our lunch date yesterday.  We were laughing because we felt so far away from each other and felt like we needed to yell across the table.  Chris got to the restaurant before me and was excited to snag the beautiful window seat with a view of downtown.  He didn’t realize that we would be sitting so far apart.  We agreed that although this table had a great view, it was not conducive to hand holding!  I love this man with every fiber of my being!


I’m actually cheating on this one and including 2 photos.  We have lived here in Prescott for just over a year and every day we pass two things that are really neat. First is this beautiful horse.  He lives on a property that we pass to get out of our neighborhood.  The girls usually yell  “there’s our horse!” every time we pass it. They were thrilled to actually get out of the car and pet him.  Why haven’t we stopped before?

The second photo is a house just down the street that has these GIANT metal sculptures.  They must have at least 30 of them.  They are really big and obviously they have lots of property.  At one point we thought they were all dinosaurs, but they actually have other animals and even some mythical creatures.  I have no idea how they started this collection, but I’d love to stop and ask.  When giving directions to our house, we always say “You will turn into our neighborhood just shortly after passing the house with the dinosaurs.”

That is it for our story in pictures.  I did want to share a funny little conversation I had with Skylar this week.  We were driving home after getting her blood drawn and she mentioned my upcoming birthday.

Skylar:  Are you excited for your birthday next week?

Me:  Sure.  I can’t believe I’m going to be 36!

Skylar:  I know!  I am getting so tall and you are getting SO old!

Me:  What?  I’m not SO old!

Skylar:  Of course you are mom!

Well, ok then!!  You gotta love Skylar’s total lack of filter.  I always say “She’s just keepin’ it real!”

If you link up with Jenny’s photograpy challenge, please let me know in the comments below so that I can come see your story in photos.

I hope you all have a great day today!  I know that I am going to enjoy time with my hubby as he is off work. YAY!

Make it great!


7 thoughts on “Sharing Our Story In 5 Photos & A Friday Morning Funny!

  1. I love that you cheated like me – total rule breakers and over achievers runs in our blood. Jeff loves the pictures of all the pills. We both LOVE the picture of Chris. And those metal animals are PERFECT as they totally are something we use as a mile marker to know where your house is. Hilarious.
    Thanks for linking up Julie. I think this is going to be a great series.

  2. Love your pictures! Helllllooooooooooooooo way over there, Chris! LOL! And I can’t believe you live near horses & dragons & such. Cool!…and odd! 🙂 Thanks for sharing – love the photos!!

  3. OMG…poor Skylar and those pills, I know I would complain with so many pills! My craft room makes me happy too…that would have been my second place.
    Don’tcha love fun husbands!

  4. My son, Kyle, can totally relate to the pills. Great idea to photograph. With the advances in medicine someday it will be neat to look back and see that photo. Also wish we had something fun to say like “turn at the house with the dinosaurs!” How cool!

  5. I love your pictures!! I’ve taken pictures of my pill bottles before but never the pills in my hands…..good idea!!! I love the messy scrapbook room picture!! I think it is just further proof in life that things don’t have to be perfect to make us happy!!!

  6. My favorite is the picture of your husband. I love his uniform (!!), how he shows his humor and your comment that you can’t hold hands!! You all are so cute!!

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