Happy Cinco de Skylar!

Ten years ago today was by far one of the worst days of my life!  I had awoken early as I was singing at church with my friend Louanne.  I went in to check on Skylar and found her unresponsive.  I immediately picked her up and brought her into the living room.  Within minutes she started seizing, 911 was called, and we were swept away by ambulance to the hospital.

Chris, Jenny, and I sat in a darkened emergency room waiting to see the pediatric neurologist.  She had already had a CT and an MRI.  As we waited to hear whether a brain tumor or a structural abnormality were the cause of the seizure, I prayed that the Lord would equip me for whatever road we would walk.

Outside of our room at the nurse’s station, there was music playing, streamers, and chips, salsa & queso for Cinco de Mayo (we lived in Tucson).  I remember saying “I will never, ever think of Cinco de Mayo without remembering this day!”

So last year on Facebook I mentioned that each May 5th we celebrate a sweet girl who has overcome so many different obstacles.  We thank God for each and every day that He has allowed us to have her.  My sister-in-law, Diane quickly replied “Happy Cinco de Skylar!”  I loved that so much!

So today I wish you a Happy Cinco de Skylar!  Please join us in celebrating an awesome kiddo who has brought so much joy to our lives!

Make it great!

3 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Skylar!

  1. Happy Cinco de Skylar … that’s even better than Cinco de Mayo! I have several events that are medical mile stones that I always remember. Primarily the 2 different dates my husband had a liver transplant. (Yes, he had to have 2) I spend the day praying for the family’s who made it possible for my husband to see his girls graduate high school, hold his 2 granddaughters and next year walk his daughter down the aisle. Those families will never know how grateful I am for their “gift of life” they gave our entire family! On Aug. 4th it will be the 20th anniversary of his first one. I think it’s important to treasure these medical milestones and tell God “Thank You”!

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