Disneyland Day 1

Hello from the Happiest Place on Earth!  We are so thrilled & blessed to be here. Just wanted to share some of our favorite pictures from yesterday.

The trees are beautiful and this is truly a magical place!  The girls were tickled to see Cruella de Vil first thing when we walked in the park. She is so MEAN! It cracked me up that Skylar told her so!

There are a LOT of people here! Since Skylar has autism, we were able to get a special needs access card to use during our stay. It allows us not to have to stand in all the long lines. It doesn’t always mean that we walk right onto the rides, but allows us an alternate entrance/waiting area. The cast members here at Disney have been so wonderful with both girls! I’ve had to fight back tears many times!

The best way for us to ensure a successful day (wherever we are) is to “go with the flow”.  Chris and I have both learned that with our girls we try not to have a set plan. Skylar usually has a plan in her mind & we just go with it!  Sometimes that means going back & forth all over the park & that is ok with us.  We want this experience to be a great one for all of us!  We spent 6-7 hours yesterday at the park then came back to the hotel for a nap.  After that we decided to head back to the park for some more fun! After a few more hours Skylar announced “I’m ready for bed”.  We knew that we needed to head back soon to avoid a meltdown.

Chris & the girls went on Splash Mountain. I opted out as I did not want to walk around the park all wet. Thanks to a great zoom lens I was able to snap this picture as they came down.  If you look closely, Hailey is in the very front, Skylar is in the pink hooded jacket, & Chris is in the last seat.  This has to be one of my favorites! Totally cracks me up!

You are NEVER too old for the carousel!

Love their sweet smiles!

Hailey thought it was awesome that on the Storybook Land ride they let her sit on the front of the boat to be the whale watcher.

We had a fabulous day and are looking forward to spending today at California Adventure!  I have quite a few funny stories to share.  The lack of filter with a huge crowd of people has been hilarious! And it’s not just Skylar! 😉 We laughed non-stop yesterday!  I’ll be back tomorrow to share our favorite shots from today’s adventures!

Make it a great one!


7 thoughts on “Disneyland Day 1

  1. WOW that first photo is breathtaking, how beatuiful it really is there. This is the happiest place on earth and I’d live there if I could, lol

    So glad your having fun and just going with the flow is what works in a big place like this. Enjoy the time and the memories you will have. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing more when you get back.

  2. I am envious! Have a wonderful vacation at one of my favorite places on the planet. Love to all the Coryells! We miss you…

  3. What a fantastic trip. It is my dream to take Paige to Disneyland when she is a bit bigger – of course that will involve a flight half way around the world for us.

    Looks like you are all having a fabulous time. xo

  4. Hi. I love checking in with your posts for project life and followed the links to this Disneyland post. I too have a child with Autisim. We are taking a trip to Disneyland at the end of the year. Could you tell me a little more about the pass for Special needs children. We are coming from Australia so this trip will test my little boy I’m sure. This pass may help out with some of the issues I know we will face.

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