Project Life: Week 6

Six weeks in & I am still LOVING project life.  I love putting my pages together & feeding my creative spirit. I love that this week I have a mix of pictures from instagram, my iPhone, & my instax polaroid camera.  I continue to love including a picture of the movie I watched along with the ticket stub, stitching on my pages, & adding tidbits like receipts or food packaging from our week.  I will be adding a 6×12 page protector including this blog post that I wrote last week, but I ran out of 12×12 white card stock so I will print it out when I pick some up later this week.  I love that my husband actually asked “Why didn’t you include a blog post this week?  That’s my favorite!”

Well, let’s get on with it shall we?  As always first up is a picture of the whole week.

The left page is the Design A protector and the right page is Design F.  I usually stick with Design A, but this week I just wanted to mix things up.

I love bright colors & always like to add splashes of color to my pages. I also included the pink receipt from the towing company from when I had a tire blowout on Monday.

Used washi tape, word stickers, & Martha Stewart labels for some journaling.

I enjoyed adding smaller square instagram photos (2.25 inches).  They are a fun size to work with.  I also love learning new things so this week I used this tutorial by Ali Edwards to learn how to print 2 3×4 pictures on a 4×6.  I had these cute pictures of the girls with some of their favorite people…Monica, the receptionist at our chiropractors office & Dr. Ben, our chiropractor.  Skylar seriously has a crush on Dr. Ben; she thinks he is “so handsome!” I used the tutorial to crop the images & merge them together for a vertical picture slot.

So there you have it!  Week 6 complete!   I’m linking up with The Mom Creative and her Project Life Tuesday group. Head over and check out all the awesome inspiration.

You can see my previous project life posts here.

Have a great week!


Project Life was created by Becky Higgins as a simple solution to documenting your memories.  You can learn more about project life here.

35 thoughts on “Project Life: Week 6

  1. This looks great! Other than wishing I could have insert pages, I also miss being able to add real memorabilia by doing it digitally. The two photos on one print look great! The instagram pics are awesome. It looks like Skylar has good taste, hehe. 😀

    I’m sorry to hear your daughter had to be tube fed for so long! My son still has his mic-key button, but we’ve been lucky in that after the NJ tube feeding in the long NICU stay, we’ve only had to use the g-tube once or twice for a feeding. (His was put in more because they were afraid he would crash suddenly, show no sign until it was almost too late, and they wanted us to be able to administer meds in the car or ambulance, wasting no time.)

    • Thanks Sarah! I really enjoy being able to add memorabilia to my album.

      Hailey had failure to thrive & continues to have some GI issues (mainly reflux) even now (she’s almost 11), but otherwise she is doing really well. She also had the mic-key button.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Loving the way you used the design F page protector – I just got my new page protectors this week and can’t wait to mix it up!

    Those little square photos really work in the pages, and I love how the pink receipt adds both story and colour. Great pages!

  3. I just love your blog and seeing your PL layouts each week! You and Jenny are my 2 new favorite bloggers (and Jeff too – lol)! I just relate to all you share and LOVE seeing your PL layouts every week! I’m doing it for the first time and get oodles of inspiration from both of you!!! BTW Your silly dog is adorable!

  4. Great week Julie – the 2 different page protectors look great – I am going to have to get some of my other designs out too.

    Your week looks so busy – there are so many stories going on in those pages. I really like how you capture the everyday – fave commercials, food packets etc.

    Have a great week.

    • Thanks Sharon! Our weeks are definitely busy. I’m trying to add in the everyday stuff that I probably wouldn’t have added to a traditional 12×12 layout. I must say that this is one of my favorite things about PL.

    • Thanks Cami! It’s quite a big deal when either of my girls try something new as they both have various sensory issues with food. It is the perfect thing to document!

  5. Hi Julie, sounds like you have had a busy week, love how you put in your weekly movie and ticket, my movie this week was THE HELP , Absolutely wonderful, l suppose your would have alreadly seen it over there, just came out on dvd here this week in oz, so great to record all this stuff……kate

    • Thanks Kate! Going to the movies each week has become one of my favorite things to do. I did see The Help and really liked it…totally LOVED the book. Thanks again for stopping by!

  6. I really like how you mixed the page protectors! I’m so nervous to do that but yours looks so good. I love how bright and colorful it is too. Big LOL about the crush on Dr. Ben. heehee 🙂

    • Thanks Nicole. I have really enjoyed mixing up my page protectors. There are a couple I’m intimidated by so I just need to bust them out and conquer them! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog. i love the way your project life looks–that’s just what i’m going for. i love all the little bits of daily life you have added in. also like how you used different page protectors to vary things a little.

    • Thanks for stopping by Susanne! I truly love adding all the extra tidbits in my pages. My husband says he loves that b/c he feels like he re-lives our weeks by looking at them.

  8. Love that movie ticket on the movie poster pic! If we ever make it to a movie, I am going to totally add the poster pic. I love that your hubby is taking such an interest. After 2 years of project life, my hubby still wants his picture to be my “picture of the day”, cracks me up but I oblige. Positive appreciation is so helpful. Great pics this week too!

  9. Hi Julie – you’ve commented on my PL a few times now, and I’ve finally had a chance to come check out yours. I LOVE IT!!! It’s so colourful and vibrant and full of LIFE! I love the yellow polka dot paper and the combination of all different sizes and types of photos, mixed in with ticket stubs and packages and handwritten journaling. That’s the only down-side to the digital version – not being able to add in the extra bits. You’re family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!
    (ps. through snooping around on your blog I read that “Learn with Jenny” is your sister?!? I’ve read parts of her blog – what an inspiration she is!)

  10. Love seein pages besides Design A. Don’t get me wrong…I love Design A, but seeing other pages used so beautifully always gets me inspired to keep mixing it up! Another beautiful week!

  11. Love that your hubby asked about your blog post…so darn sweet ;} Also love how you mixed it up a bit and all your lovely colors in your pages and ephemera. After reading your current post…I’m wondering if you’ll be blogging and including a PL section for organizing your pantry…lol Have a great week, fondly, Roberta

    • Thanks Roberta! I will be including the pantry re-organization hopefully next week. Didn’t get it done before my trip to Phoenix for a few days, but it MUST get done this week. Thanks so much for your encouragement!

  12. I love your spread with all the little details! They’re always filled with amazing photos! I have also started to venture out of my comfort zone and used a Design F protector on my Week 5 and I’ve loving it so far. I’ll try to use other designs in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Great pages! Love what you did the with the movie image and ticket. I always forget to save mine. We went to a movie last night, wonder if my ticket stub is in my purse somewhere? 🙂

    • Thanks Emily Kate! When I go to the movie I always slip the movie stub in my coin pocket of my wallet…that way I always know where it is. Thanks for stopping by!

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