What’s His Name?

Hello friends!  It’s time for another installment of No Filter Friday.  This is the time that I love to share things that the girls have said or done that have left us red-faced, laughing, and sometimes speechless.  One of my favorite parts of Skylar’s autism has been the total lack of “filter” that she possess. In many ways it is refreshing how brutally honest she is, but it can be embarrassing.  If you are new to my blog or missed previous posts, you can click here for a complete list of No Filter Friday stories.

This week’s story just happened a couple of days ago.  I was waiting in the pick-up line for Skylar to get out of school on Wednesday and was chatting with my sister on my cellphone.  I smiled as I saw Skylar walking down the hill and commented to my sister that she looked like she was in a good mood.  She was walking next to a boy that I recognized from her class, but for the life of me, I can never remember his name.  I know all the kids’ names except for this one boy.

As Skylar got in the car we had this little exchange.

Me:  Hey Sky…what is the name of the boy getting in the car in front of us?

Sky:  That is Stephen. (I have changed his name for privacy purposes!)

Me:  Stephen!  That’s right.  I can’t believe I can never remember his name.  (I repeated his name several times so that I could add it to my memory bank.)

And as I was repeating his name Skylar got out of the car & yelled at Stephen:

“Hey Stephen!  Look over here!  My mom has NO idea who you are!”

And with that, my sister started laughing and said “WOW!  That was awesome!”

I simply responded with “Oh my!  The No Filter Friday stories just keep on coming!”

Poor Stephen just stood there with the most confused look on his face!

When I looked at Skylar she just had the most innocent look on her face.  Oh, to have that innocence.  I truly believe it is a blessing!

I hope you all have a great weekend!


*If you missed my post from Wednesday about who & what is inspiring me right now, click here to read it!

*I also posted a sweet story about my experience sitting in on Skylar’s choir class on Monday.  You can read that story here.

5 thoughts on “What’s His Name?

  1. Hi Julie, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, its people like you that inspire me, when you take the time to leave nice comment,so today lm grateful for you, thanks for the tip on the book, l have’nt read it and will look tonight on the net, its books like this that also inspire me with a bit more faith for when l become the doubting Thomas, love your stephen story, how funny-lol

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