Project Life: Week 3

I normally won’t post my project life posts so close together, but last week I was delayed working on week 2 because Hailey was home sick all week.  Even with having a sick kid all week, we had a really busy week.  Some of our highlights include: hosting our first small group here in AZ, Hailey’s winter musical, Skylar’s spelling bee, and a quick trip down to Phoenix for Skylar to see the endocrinologist. We of course had to plan a lunch date with my sister while we were down there.

So let’s get right to it.  Below is the picture of what my book looks like when you open to week 3.  I slipped some paper in the center to cover up the other kids in Hailey’s winter musical.  I could have blurred them out with Photoshop, but I haven’t figured that out yet. (Keepin’ it Real!)

I have 3 inserts this week which include a 6×12 insert with one of the blogposts I wrote about this week.  I included it because it was a big part of last week.  I had no idea it would be as wide-read as it was when I shared my heart.  There is also a piece of a bag from our lunch take-out from Chipotle as well as the letter we received saying that Skylar qualified for the school spelling bee. YAY!!! Such a special story. We continue to be so thankful for all the wonderful things this special girl does!

I used this 6×12 journal insert by Ali Edwards.  After using several of her overlays last week, I decided to jump in and try this.  It was the perfect template for a blog post.  My post was a little lengthy so I used one on the front and then another template from the same set on the back.  I love how this gave me the opportunity to include the blog post & extra pictures in my album.  Below is the front side of the journal insert.

And here is the backside.

I continue to love adding the word stickers from my old Girl’s Paperie sticker stacks that I bought forever ago as well as the American Crafts Thickers.  I also included a picture of the book we read this week.  I plan to continue to do this as I think it will be fun to look back and see all the books I read.

Below is the right side of my layout. This side was really simple. I loved that I was able to use some fabric labels that I’ve had for many years.

I am truly loving this project because it makes me conscious about documenting all the little things we do.  My sister also posted her week 3 pages today and she summed up her thoughts of loving the “life” portion of project life.  You can read her thoughts here.

Don’t forget that I’m giving away a $15 gift certificate to Designer Digitals.  To enter, go to Sunday’s post and leave a comment.  This is a perfect way to pick up some of the 6×12 journal templates that Ali designed. The giveaway ends Wednesday (the 24th) at 9 pm Arizona time.

I’m linking up with The Mom Creative today on Project Life Tuesday.  Check out all the wonderful pages that people from all over the world have shared.

Check back tomorrow as I am going to be reviewing the movie Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close.  I saw it yesterday and I have so many thoughts and feelings I want to share with you.

Make it a great day!


14 thoughts on “Project Life: Week 3

  1. I loved that passionate post by the way. Isn’t it amazing how the words just flow when we write with our passion. Norm’s (my partner) cousin had to stop her chemo this week. She has Triple Negative Breast Cancer. They are planning for hospice. It sucks.

    Thanks for writing with your heart. It rocked my world (and apparently the world of many others!)

  2. Hi Julie, Thanks for reading my blog. I read your posts on Jenny’s blog and you are a great writer.

    I think you captured a great PL week for your family. It looks great and they will enjoy looking back on it. I’m documenting my reading and watching material too.

  3. Love all of the extra touches in your layouts and honestly, that was a GREAT blog post to include. I share your feelings and I asmire you for putting them out there!

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, so that I found my way to yours! I love your pages. I think it’s awesome that you’re including blog posts, that’s brilliant. And your other post about FB statuses, you are so beyond right. I liked your alternative messages, and the next wave of cryptic posts that comes up? I’m going to use one of them. Not coyly share the shade of my underwear, or whatever the latest nonsense is.

  5. Love your project life 🙂 I am thinking about getting mine back out & just starting back up this year in march, or wherever I left off 2 or 3 years ago, what do you think?

    Did you love the Hunger Games???? I do!!!! 🙂 We are already buying tix to the midnight movie 🙂

    • Sara, that’s a great idea! You don’t have to start at the beginning of a year. My plan is to try do the past few years because I have so many great pictures and would love to tell their stories! I can’t encourage you enough to do it! I LOVE this project!

      And yes!!! We loved Hunger Games! Can’t wait to read the rest of them. We are super excited to see the movie too!

  6. Wonderful layouts and great idea on reading the books outloud…maybe I’d get more reading done that NOW I’m off to read your blog post that you included on the insert. I also love all these smaller pages inserted each week to include all of our forms of memory keeping. Great job! Fondly, Roberta

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