Right Now (1/7/2012)

Some of you might remember me writing a post with the prompt Right Now a few months ago while in Washington, D.C.  I loved the prompt so much that I wanted to use it again. I will occasionally write with this prompt and specify the date in the title.  I think this is a great way to record the moment and be thankful for the little things in our every day life.

Right now…I’m loving having my nieces & nephew for the weekend.

Right now…I’m cleaning up from the big breakfast that we made for the kids.  Scrambled eggs, sausage, & fried potatoes.

Right now…I’m loving that my teenage niece said “JuJu, I love coming to spend the weekend with you!”

Right now…I’m listening to Emily & Hailey ride their Ezy Rollers through the tiled parts of the house.

Right now…I’m planning on taking Skylar & Becca on a date to see Mission Impossible 3.

Right now…I’m looking out my window and enjoying the beautiful pine trees that we are so blessed to live among.

Right now…I’m listening to my 2 year old niece talk to our dog, Jack.  She really loves him!

Right now…I’m loving just lounging around all morning.

Right now…I’m loving watching Becca walk around the house in my fluffy white robe and a towel on her head.  Didn’t take a picture as I know that she’d be horrified!

Right now…I’m working on a guest post for my sister’s blog that will be posted tomorrow.  Trying hard not to embarrass her too much!

Right now…I’m wishing that this weekend could last just a little bit longer!

Make it a great one!


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6 thoughts on “Right Now (1/7/2012)

  1. Right now, I’m loving that it’s Saturday morning, Mom’s resting peacefully and quietly and I am taking aa break andand enjoying my coffee and reading your blog. I love seeing word snapshots into your lives. It makes me feel more connected, not to mention that you are a wonderful writer! Love you all!

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