Goosie Cards Giveaway!

Happy New Year!  I can’t think of a better way to start of the new year than with a giveaway!  Yay!!!

I am thrilled to be giving away a set of 10 photoflash-cards that you will be able to personalize from Goosie Cards to 3 of my fabulous readers!  Goosie ships internationally so this is open to ALL of my readers!!  When Jennifer, the founder of Goosie Cards, contacted me about doing a giveaway this is what she had to say about the cards: “Our cards are universal and for all children.  They are based on the basic principle of visual learning: the first method by which we all learn.”  I don’t know about you, but Skylar is totally a visual learner as are many of the children that fall on the autism spectrum.

I immediately went to her website to check out what they had to offer.  I loved the way they looked on-line but knew that I wanted to have a set in my hands so that I could see the quality of not only the pictures, but the quality of the cards as well.  Well let me tell you, these cards are REALLY AWESOME!  These are a great educational tool for all children, but I especially loved the therapeutic aspects that these cards offer for children with special needs (sequencing, behavior cards, emotions, etc.). Years ago when we started ABA with Skylar, we purchased a box of cards to use in our various programs. She also had a set of them at school.  Oh what I would have given to have cards that were personalized with familiar faces and words to use for her.  Click here to go to the Goosie Cards website to see all the wonderful benefits of photo educational flashcards.

I chose to make a complete alphabet set for my niece, Sam, who is a 2 1/2 year old neurotypical child.  The process was pretty simple.  Upload the pictures on-line, drag and drop the picture into the card and add the text (up to 5 lines for each card).

I had my cards hole punched so that they could be kept together on a ring.  She opened her cards on Christmas Eve and absolutely LOVED them.  I loved watching her play with the cards and say the names of the people as she saw them.

To Enter this Giveaway you MUST:

1) “Like” Goosie Cards on Facebook and leave a comment below that you did so.


2) Follow Goosie Cards on Twitter and leave a comment below that you did so.

*Bonus Entry:  I will give a bonus entry (1 per day) for anyone who tweets or shares on Facebook about this giveaway and leaves a comment below that you did so!*

The giveaway will be open until this Sunday, January 8th at midnight Eastern time and winners will be announced here on Monday, January 9th.

Head on over to the Goosie Cards website and take a look!


14 thoughts on “Goosie Cards Giveaway!

  1. I love, love my cards. Or more importantly, Samantha loves her cards. Thank you Julie and to Goosie cards. I highly recommend them. As a scrapbooker and photo lover, I was very happy with them.

  2. These cards are a FANTASTIC idea! I happily “liked” them on FB and will also share with my friends. I think many folks will find them useful…Nice to see you doing so well Julie

  3. Those cards are so cool! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I shared it on Facebook, too. I know several people with kids who could benefit from these. 🙂

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