Mom? Why Do I Have Autism?

This past weekend we participated in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks.  It was a spur of the moment decision as Chris has been working crazy hours and we weren’t even sure we would be able to make the trip down.  My sister Jenny, and her family, were able to join us which was really nice.  Skylar was excited to have Becca walking with us.  It was really crowded and the parking was a pretty good distance away from where the walk started so Chris dropped the kids and me off and went to find a parking space.

When we arrived at the front of the park, there was a sign advertising the walk hanging from an arch.  Skylar looked up at it and read it out loud:

“Walk Now for Autism Speaks.”

She then got this quizzical look on her face and asked  “Mom? Why do I have Autism?”

Becca was next to me and she immediately said “Oh wow!”.

I first didn’t know how to react as tears immediately filled my eyes.  Skylar has never even mentioned the word autism until just recently, let alone ever ask why she has it.  I quickly pulled myself together and said the only thing I could think of which was “I don’t know buddy, but that is a good question!”

I felt like an epic failure not knowing how to answer.  But honestly, I don’t know why she has autism!

So my question, for those of you who have a child with autism, is: How do you answer this question?


4 thoughts on “Mom? Why Do I Have Autism?

  1. Julie, the answer will come. It took years of Dahtae asking me why he had diabetes, before an answer came. Dahtae and I realized that God chose him, because God knew he was strong enough to handle it. This was a very recent realization for us. I know it is incredibly hard to wrap you mind around why, but God knows… Love ypu

  2. Amanda and Joyelle- that was great feedback!
    Julie, we don’t know the answers to everything in life. God doesn’t always reveal them and let us know. But have comfort in this….Skylar was chosen before the world was created, for a greater purpose than we can imagine and for His glory! Maybe it is have you become an author for parents, stand on a paltform for Autism but it is will actually be for His glory, His mission and to bring others to Him! He loves her and takes great delight in her! And remember Romans 8:28 it is all for our good!!!! I know you James 1:2-8….the key is not just the joy in the trial- but to ask for wisdom and then do not DOUBT! So my encouraging heart across the miles says to you- do not doubt why she has Autism but rejoice. (easy for for me to say when i don’t have a kid with Autism- but I have other things I don’t understand.) Oh my friend, when I read this on facebook, I cried. I don’t have the words to say what is right or wrong- just the love from the Savior who believes you are and Skylar were dying for. Love you dearly!!!!!!

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