Overwhelmed & Down

I’m in a total funk! 

I always have quite a bit going on, but I’m usually able to dive right in and get it done, but right now I feel like I’m suffocating!

I’m overwhelmed.

Just can’t get motivated to do ANYTHING!

I haven’t felt like writing and that is a HUGE indicator that something is wrong. 

 Not sure what is wrong.  Haven’t felt this way in years!

Could be:

-that Skylar hasn’t slept a night through in quite some time which means I haven’t either.  I’m EXHAUSTED!  Sleep study is scheduled for Nov. 3rd.  Can’t wait!

-that I really miss our small group in New Mexico and what a special bond we have with them.  I miss “doing life” with those precious people.

-that the girls have had SO many extra appointments in Phoenix the past couple of weeks (which involves 4 hours of driving round trip those days) and we have several more coming up.

-that I’m SUPER frustrated with the communication by Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s various departments.  I’m STILL waiting to be contacted by multiple departments.  My patience is wearing thin!

-that I haven’t excercised in many weeks.  I need to do that to feel good.

-that Chris has had to work a lot of extra hours preparing for an inspection at work and I miss him!  I know, I know….it’s corny, but he is truly my best friend and I miss him when he’s not here.

-that I’m having a difficult time focusing and getting things done which has led to a house that looks like a cyclone has come through it.

So, to get out of my funk I’m going to:

-go for a walk after I drop the girls off at school in the morning (the leaves are beautiful right now up here in the mountains)

-have coffee with a friend tomorrow morning (I’m thankful that she recognized my “funk” and texted me today to schedule coffee)

-sit down and make a list and prioritize all the things I need to get done (this actually makes me feel better, especially as I mark things off that list)

-go to bed earlier

-put out some of my fall decorations

-spend some time in my craft room

Hopefully I snap out of my funk quickly.  I would appreciate your prayers.

Love you all,



8 thoughts on “Overwhelmed & Down

  1. Julie,
    I think spending time in your craft room is a great way to get out of a funk! Too bad that I can’t be there to create with you!
    You will get out of it! I just think that you need to relax. Take care!


  2. Wow! I like how you identify the possible problems and then list very realistic solutions. That is great problem solving!! I know who to call when I’m in a funk =)
    Love and prayers to you Julie! You are a very amazing person!

  3. Oh, how I relate! I will pray for you, and me…I forget sometimes how to get out of a funk, and this was just what I needed to see. Thank you for opening up your world.

    May God bless you abundantly with His peace that passes understanding, wisdom and descernment in your day – and most of all rest that is beyond measure! That if you can nap, you will wake fully rested, and in the morning, Lord, I ask that Julie wake as if she slept soundly for 8 full hours, and that Your presence pour over her like warm honey!

  4. “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend” Proverbs 27:17

    Hope you got your funk out 🙂 Thank you so much for the short time we had and sharing your stories with me.

    Whenever you need your funk to be removed … I’m just a text away. Have a great week. And let’s celebrate cause we’ll have our husbands home more (well, let’s hope.)

  5. Julie,

    I’m so sorry you are feeling down.

    You did such a great job of identifying what you think is the cause and some ways to break out of the funk. Kudos to you!

    I don’t know that I have any real advice to share other than I have learned that when I am in “that space,” I just lay it play itself out. In fact, I try to embrace it for what it is, knowing that I will come out the other side feeling better about life and how good I feel the majority of the time!

    As someone who has had only a couple small bouts of depression in my adult life, and the daughter and mother of women who have suffered from severe depression, I work hard to keep my “down days” in perspective. But, that’s just me, how I have decided to deal with the days when I feel really down.

    I chalk it up to a Hawaiian saying: No rain, no rainbows. I do believe I sometimes go through these times as a reminder of how great my life is most of the time.

    I most certainly don’t have the same challenges to deal with that you (and many of your readers) have and can’t even begin to claim I know what you all go through. You all amaze me!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and hope for a return to sunshine for you soon.

    Have a blessed day,


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