He’s Better Than You!

It’s that time again!  Time for another installment of No Filter Friday.  To view past stories that have left us laughing and red-faced click here.

I wasn’t sure that I was going to be able to post today as we’ve had a crazy couple of days with Hailey being sick and then coming down to Phoenix for both of the girls to have EEGs done.  We kept them up super late last night and then got them up at 5:00 this morning in order to have them sleep deprived.  Unfortunately with sleep deprived children come sleep deprived parents.  We got to a point today that we were laughing at things that probably weren’t that funny and getting annoyed by things that probably weren’t that annoying.  Thankfully, after the EEGs were done we were able to come back to my parents’ time share and sleep for the better part of the afternoon.  When I woke up I knew that I wanted to share a little about what happened during Skylar’s EEG today.

Today was Skylar’s 7th EEG.  She should be an “old pro” at this but unfortunately her last EEG experience was a bad one.  Her neurologist in New Mexico ordered a 72-hour EEG that required a hospital stay.  As they were attaching the many electrodes to her head, they would place a piece of tape over it and then squirt this liquid from a bottle onto her head.  When I asked what the liquid was the tech replied “oh, it’s a glue that helps keep the electrodes in place”.  I remember thinking that it would not be fun to get that out of her hair.  And boy was I right.  The poor gal that they sent to unwrap her head and remove those electrodes got seriously screamed at by Skylar.  It was a painful experience to watch and I can’t imagine how painful it was for Skylar to endure.  At one point Skylar swung her arm at the tech and screamed:


Oh yeah, that was fun.  Needless to say that was embarassing and we ended up picking glue out of Skylar’s hair for over a week.

When we told Skylar that she was having an EEG done this week she was apprehensive.  Who would blame her?  She still has a bald spot on top of her head from a former EEG.  When we were called back this morning the tech told us that she had a student with her who would be helping her with the test.  He did a really great job placing the electrodes and letting Skylar touch the cleaning gel and the sticky paste.  Once she was all hooked up the testing went really well.  She was so tired that she fell asleep easily for the part of the test she needed to sleep.  I was overjoyed with that!

At the end of the test the female tech started to unhook everything.  She was so gentle and not once did Skylar scream or wince.  About half way through removal of the probes, Skylar looked over at her and said:

“The guy does this a lot better than you do!”

Of course I said “Skylar, that’s not nice to say!”  I’m not sure why I continue to say that because I know exactly what her response will be.  And of course she doesn’t fail to deliver:

“Well, you are doing fine, but he’s just better than you!”

At this point I just apologize to the tech who is actually smirking.  She was gracious enough to laugh it off.  It really does no good to tell Skylar that what she said wasn’t kind as she just replies with a “sorry” and continues to recite movie lines under her breath.

I’m destined for a life full of moments such as these and that’s totally okay!  At least I’ll have tons of funny stories to tell!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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